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PFS #6-16: Scions of the Sky Key part 3 (1-5)

RPG :: Pathfinder

Rated PG :: Having bested the Aspis Consortium and recovered a powerful weapon, the PCs return to the Bandu Hills to delve into their ruins, confront the ancient guardian within and find their missing venture-captain. Even greater secrets lie below, and the Pathfinders soon find that there is more to the so-called Golden Guardian than legends suggest. Are the PCs resourceful enough to survive the mounting danger and find Nieford Sharrowsmith?

Game Experience Level

Game Society
Pathfinder Society

Game Master
Ace Anzaldua

Locations and Times

Saturday June 18 8:00 pm to 12:00 am Ballroom B (PFS) :: Table 27

Registration Information

Free Pre-Registration

Available Registration Slots: 4

Registration for this game is not active.

Current Registrations

  • Defiant_Hightower
  • Finalplayer

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