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PFS #7-22: Bid for Alabastrine (1-5)

RPG :: Pathfinder

Rated PG :: Decades ago, the merchant nation of Druma anticipated a wave of migrants and built the city Alabastrine to accommodate them. The mass migration never happened. Always seeking a return on investment, Druma recently began auctioning off control of the city to the highest bidders and wealthiest entrepreneurs for five years at a time. The next auction begins soon, and the powerful Aspis Consortium gold agent Myrosype – an enemy of the Society responsible for countless Pathfinders' deaths – is poised to take control of the whole city for her own nefarious ends. The Society has secured a few invitations for the PCs to attend the auction. Can they disrupt the event's delicate politics in order to stop their rival, or will the Aspis Consortium gain an unassailable stronghold?

Game Experience Level

Game Society
Pathfinder Society

Game Master
Solomon Mitchell

Locations and Times

Friday June 17 8:00 pm to 12:00 am Ballroom B (PFS) :: Table 29

Registration Information

Free Pre-Registration

Available Registration Slots: 1

Registration for this game is not active.

Current Registrations

  • SashaK
  • Brittney Grimm
  • Chaaaaang
  • Adaeoran
  • TheOne

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