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Dragonlance DL1 (5e Modified)

Roleplaying :: Dungeons & Dragons (5e)

Rated PG :: Relive or experience for the first time the first Dragonlance module DL1, released in the 80's. Modified for 5e, the players will take the role of one of the companions and delve into an abridged version of the Xak Tsoroth dungeon.

Game Experience Level

Game Society
Not part of a gaming society

Game Master
Scott Andreu

Locations and Times

Friday August 30 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Universities Grand Foyer (Tables 5-12) :: Table 10

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Free Pre-Registration

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Current Registrations

  • Cygwulf2
  • Alyssa Faden
  • tsstahl
  • Dewo Haarler
  • Adrift
  • BoxOfficeJack

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