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D&D Experience Track: Squamous Writhings

Roleplaying :: Dungeons & Dragons (5e)

Rated PG :: Things old and dark have long slept beneath the city of Thentia, but nothing can remain sleeping forever... This D&D Experience Track features the following modules: CCC-THENT01-01 Beneath the Surface: Steam has been rising from ruins east of the city of Thentia for almost two tendays. Scouts and adventurers have gone to investigate, but have not returned. What might be lurking in the depths of those dark places, and will it remain there? CCC-THENT01-02 Those that Dwell Beneath: In ruins near the city of Thentia, grungs have been trying to build a portal where they could move slaves in secret from the city of Melvaunt. But something sinister took hold of them, trapping them in the darkness. A map of the ancient city, which once stood on the surface of the land, leads the adventurers deeper into the catacombs. But will they find glory and riches? Or horror and death? CCC-THENT01-03 The Dreaming Relic: The call of fame and fortune has led the adventurers into the deep dark beneath the ruins near the city of Thentia. Facing off against unknown horrors, they have found both enemies and allies. Now, something from the beginning of the world stirs in the black…and it hungers.

Game Experience Level
Tier 1

Game Society
D&D Adventurers League

Game Master
Jeff Lee

Locations and Times

Saturday August 31 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Equestrian Foyer (Tables 18-23) :: Table 21

Registration Information

Free Pre-Registration
Empty seats may be filled with walkups.

Available Registration Slots: 0

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