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DDAL00-02C Spawn of the Maimed Virulence

Roleplaying :: Dungeons & Dragons (5e)

Rated PG :: Before his death, the green dragon The Maimed Virulence, Vorgansharax, had many mates across Faerun. The forest of Cormanthor and surrounding areas have become a battleground between sibling dragons, all vying for the choicest territory. Can a band of adventurers protect Hillsfar by either defeating or negotiating with the spawn of the Maimed Virulence?

Game Experience Level
Tier 2

Game Society
D&D Adventurers League

Game Master
Curtis Glenn

Locations and Times

Saturday August 31 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Equestrian Foyer (Tables 18-23) :: Table 23

Registration Information

Free Pre-Registration
Empty seats may be filled with walkups.

Available Registration Slots: 0

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Current Registrations

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