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When Comes the Moon, Part 1 (Pathfinder 1st Ed.)

Roleplaying :: Patfhinder (1e)

Rated PG :: 4-6 Pre-Gen characters, 8th level. World/Setting: The Lost Lands campaign setting (by Greg A. Vaughan and Frog God Games) Game Info: The monastery at Asteria Point has stood upon the heights of the Cretian Mountains for an age and more. Once a famed celestial observatory and great center of learning, wars, plague, and political upheavals over the centuries have left it isolated and undermanned. Only a handful of the holy brothers remain to carry on the work of the order, all but forgotten by the outside world in their mountain fastness. But when word comes that two of the brothers have disappeared and something sinister may be stalking the night, the Church must send someone to investigate, and the band of newcomers in town might be just the sort of people they need. All may not be as it seems among the high peaks, and you never know where the true danger lies when comes the moon. When Comes the Moon by award-winning author and renowned Kiwi, Matt Goodall, is the third adventure in the forthcoming Aegis of Empires Adventure Path by Legendary Games. Made in cooperation with Frog God Games to coordinate with their upcoming release of the World of the Lost Lands, Aegis of Empires explores the lands, history, and mysteries of the many-storied kingdoms of the Lost Lands and their adventures that await. This is a two-part adventure that will be played over two game sessions of Reaper Con 2019. Players will need to sign up for both sessions in order to play the adventure from beginning to end.

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Not part of a gaming society

Game Master
Greg Vaughan

Locations and Times

Saturday August 31 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Universities Grand Foyer (Tables 5-12) :: Table 10

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