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Loyalty or Liberty?

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Rated G :: An exciting and replayable DBG and War Game, combined! It is the late seventeen seventies and the American War of Independence is in full swing. As cannons roar and muskets crackles across the east coast of the North American continent, armies of the Crown and Rebellion clash, and a decisive victory hangs in the balance. Take command of one or more of as many as seven factions, each with their own traits and advantages as they vie for supremacy in a hypothetical scenario where terrain and unit lists change with each playthrough. Seize the initiative and dominate the field using a unique "Deployment" and "Lady Luck" card-driven system. Master the unique abilities of numerous officers and manipulate events across the battlefields, all while guiding myriad types of troops through varying terrain to victory, achieved by defeating the enemy on the field and raiding their base. Will the French rout the Germans from the field? Will the Loyalists tenaciously hold the line against their fellow Americans in a civil war of their own? Will the Spanish set out to dominate the Natives? Will Britannia reign supreme? It’s up to you, your opponent, and the dice and cards to find out!

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Game Master
Jason Grossman

Locations and Times

Saturday July 22 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm Marriott Hartford Downtown - Ballroom A/B :: Long table 10

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