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Thedia: The Spawn of Chlor

RPG :: Dungeons and Dragons 5E

Rated PG :: This is an introduction to the Thedia campaign setting – a world based on the Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. The Thedia setting is in production for publication starting in 2016. The Green Dragon, Chlor, has been dead for many years, but now bullywugs and other lizardfolk have been seen in the old ruins where he once laired. Do you dare to investigate? (Level 5 Characters will be provided.)

Game Experience Level

Game Society
Board Role-playing & War-gaming League

Game Master
Kyle Palombo

Locations and Times

Saturday June 18 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm Ballroom B (8'x5' singles) :: Table 42

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No Registration Required (walk up)
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Available Registration Slots: 8

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