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PFS #6-06: Hall of the Flesh Eaters (1-5)

RPG :: Pathfinder

Rated PG-13 :: Shrouded in thick fog, the shifting Gloomspires north of the Shackles have long frustrated explorers. However, a recent discovery by the Pathfinder Society has revealed a brief opportunity to navigate the columns safely and search for the lost treasure of the legendary pirate Sevenfingers. The only problem is that the Pathfinders are not the only visitors to the Gloomspires.

Game Experience Level

Game Society
Pathfinder Society

Game Master
Kenneth Ables

Locations and Times

Friday June 17 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Ballroom B (PFS) :: Table 27

Registration Information

Free Pre-Registration

Available Registration Slots: 0

Registration for this game is not active.

Current Registrations

  • Finalplayer
  • MDK
  • Fllipsy
  • Defiant_Hightower
  • Sir_Fozm
  • Calypso

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