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MusicCon SLC 2018 Celebrity List


Appearing November 3rd

Saving Abel

Appearing November 4th

Saving Abel is an American rock band from Corinth, Mississippi, who started in 2004 by Jared Weeks and Jason Null. The band title is from the ancie...

Frankie Banali

Jeffrey Skunk Baxter

Appearing November 3 & 4th

For the past 40 years, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter has been too busy to record his own album because he’s either been part of Steely Dan or the Doobie Brot...

Anita Cochran

Charlie Colin

Side Deal

Appearing November 3 & 4th

SIDE DEAL is a band of five friends from various performing and touring bands who have come back to their hometown of Newport Beach to rekindle a l...

Billy Dean

The Dickies

Stan Fraizer

Tim Gates

Chelsie Hightower

Johnny Lightfoot

James Otto

There’s a certain chemistry that happens when a great vocalist collides with a hit song. Magic just explodes from the speakers and the impact is un...

Monty Powell

Looking for Monty Powell?  You don’t have to look far.  He is usually hanging around somewhere at the top of the radio charts.  He is also easily f...

Dezi Rex

Quiet Riot

QUIET RIOT continues their historic journey in 2015 with Metal Health founding member Frankie Banali who is joined by QUIET RIOT veteran bassist Ch...

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