Rhonda Bender

Rhonda Bender painted her first miniature at a paint and take in 2002. She immediately bought a Reaper Learn to Paint Kit, and never looked back. Today she is one of the painters for the studio collections of Reaper Miniatures and Dark Sword Miniatures, and is the author/painter of Reaper’s newest Learn to Paint Kit series. Her work has won numerous awards, including a few Best in Show honours and three Crystal Brush qualifiers, at conventions including ReaperCon, Gen Con, World Expo, CMON Expo, and the Atlanta Military Figure Society Show.

Rhonda loves to teach almost as much as she loves to paint, and has taught classes or been brought in as a guest of honour at conventions including ReaperCon, AdeptiCon, Gen Con, GenghisCon, and CMON Expo. She is a regular participant on the Reaper forums. Her nom de brush there, and in most other places, is Wren, and you are welcome to contact her with questions about her classes. She’s been posting her newer work on this Facebook artist page:


More of her earlier work is available for viewing here: