Ian Markon

Ian Markon (a.k.a. Kuro Cleanbrush on the Reaper Forums and other online venues) has been a miniature painter since the early/mid 2000’s when he and his younger brothers first discovered the exciting world of miniature wargaming. Over the next few years, Ian discovered that he got much more joy out of painting the heroes and leaders of his armies than the rank-and-file troops, however, and so his focus gradually began to shift. This shift towards the hobby side of miniature painting carried him all the way to his first ReaperCon in 2012 where, as he likes to put it, he discovered that he “didn’t even know what he didn’t know about miniature painting!”. Fortunately, all the classes he took at the convention helped part the clouds of ignorance, and he went home to practice, practice, practice. Two years later, when next he returned to ReaperCon, he had improved immensely and won his very first ReaperCon MSP Open gold metal!
Since that time, Ian has continued to strive towards improvement, and his efforts have been rewarded with numerous awards from various competitions. Now, one of his chief joys in the hobby is getting to return as a ReaperCon instructor in the hopes that the instruction and tips he loves to impart to others might help some of them in the same ways he was helped at that first ReaperCon!

If you want to see more of Ian’s work, you can find him at:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Kuro-Cleanbrush-Minis-180458172044245/ as Kuro Cleanbrush Minis
Putty&Paint https://www.puttyandpaint.com/KuroCleanbrush as himself
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__uEQ-6Clgp7PbDJN8p16g?view_as=subscriber as Kuro Cleanbrush Minis