Media and Press Application

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Media Terms and Guidelines

Qualified working journalists/photographers over the age of 17 may apply for a complimentary Media Pass that provides:
• Exhibit Hall access to HavenCon during hours open to the public
• Limited access to seminars and panels based on capacity
• Possible interview opportunities with HavenCon guests, as approved by HavenCon staff.

To apply for a Media Badge, complete the Press Application Form, and submit it with all required information. All applications must be completed and all required information received no later than February 1st, 2017, to be considered. Media outlets will receive notice of Approval, or Denial once the application has been reviewed.

Media Access is for reporters and media outlets who provide significant exposure for HavenCon, preferably in national, regional, or genre exposure.

Media outlets are requested to ensure copies of any coverage are sent to

Media applications will be thoroughly reviewed. Please include any advance convention coverage that you plan to provide as preference is given to outlets providing advance coverage.

Media Badges will be focused on working media, however, we will provide a limited number of media badges to:
• Bloggers or Podcasters with limited distribution
• Individuals who work in non-reporting roles for media outlets
• Convention photographers not on assignment from a media outlet