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COMBATCON 2024 Schedule :: Sean Baker

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Sean Baker

From early on, my passion for martial arts was ignited through karate classes. Despite a setback caused by a broken arm, I persisted and attained a black belt. Sadly, it did dissuade me from participating in martial arts until college, where I both began foil fencing, and where I first encountered my future instructor during a guest lecture: Steaphen Fick. In 2015 I joined Steaphen at Davenriche, primarily learning rapier and dabbling in other classes and study groups. By 2020, I became the rapier instructor at Davenriche. Though I had assembled my first sparring katana in 2018, my study in historic Japanese sources began in earnest in 2020. I held my first seminar in Japanese swordsmanship in 2022, and look forward to future opportunities to share and expand my knowledge.

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