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Tucson Comic-Con 2019 Schedule :: Jill Thompson

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Jill Thompson

Appearing Saturday and Sunday only!

Location: Booth 819

JILL THOMPSON is a 10 time Eisner Award winning comic book creator whose career spans decades. A graduate of The American Academy of Art, Jill was one of the first female creators to come to prominence in the comics industry. She is best known for her work on her own creations, "Scary Godmother" and "Magic Trixie", as well as such titles as "The Little Endless Storybook", "Death- At Death’s Door", "Sandman", and 2017’s Eisner Award winning Best New Graphic Novel, "Wonder Woman the True Amazon".

She has worked for nearly every major comic book company in the US and her work has been translated into many languages around the world. Jill has collaborated with such noted writers as Neil Gaiman on "The Sandman", Grant Morrison on "The Invisibles", Mark Millar on "Swamp Thing", Will Pfeifer on "Finals" (which she also co-created), Evan Dorkin on "Beasts of Burden", WWE Legend Mick Foley on "Halloween Hijinks" and "Tales from Wrescal Lane" and many more. In addition to writing and creating new comics of all kinds, Jill travels around the world appearing at comic conventions, speaking at schools, universities and comic art festivals. Jill has designed wrestling gear for WWE superstar Daniel Bryan, she is a Spartan Race competitor, an avid cook and baker and a practitioner of longsword in the Chicago Swordplay Guild. Jill also teaches the Art of Comic Book storytelling at The School of Comics US in Chicago.