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Tucson Comic-Con 2019 Celebrity List

Always Be Thor

Location: AA1, AA16 I’m THOR. Yes, really. Having Down Syndrome hasn’t stopped me from changing the world. How do you leverage your everyday sup...

Gnarly Nate

Jessika of Jinx Cosplay

Lance, The Series Sergeant

Lina of ThermoCosplay

Sam of ThermoCosplay

Andrew Adams

Kady Adamson

Linda Addison

Peter Althoff

Michael Alvear

Thomas Arroyo

Madame Askew

Kyle Avery

James Baldwin

Henry Barajas

Location: AA113, AA128 HENRY BARAJAS is a Latino author from Tucson, AZ. He is best known for his graphic memoir about his great-grandfather Ram...

Chiara Bautista

Location: Booth 918 CHIARA BAUTISTA is an illustrator and graphic artist based out of the Southwest. Her work is recognizable based off of he...

Scott Bechthold

Brian Biswell

Steven Black

Appearing 3

Location: AA208 STEVEN BLACK is a painter with an obsessive compulsion to champion the odd, fringe, or otherwise unappreciated.

Paul Blake

Location: TBD PAUL BLAKE was born in Birmingham, UK on May 22, 1949. Paul has had an extensive career, spanning four decades, in Theatre, Film, ...

Brad Boscarino

Johnny Yong Bosch

Location: TBD JOHNNY YONG BOSCH got his start fighting giant bugs as Adam Park, the Black Ranger, Green Zeo and Green Turbo Ranger on "Mighty Mo...

Debe Branning

Jacob Breckenridge

Cait Brennan

Keith Broughton

Pete Brown

Jennifer Bushroe

Nathan Campbell

John Anthony Chihak

Location: AA17 HE’S BACK! JOHN ANTHONY CHIHAK SOLTERO is a Tucson native who is heavily inspired by comic books, music (mainly punk rock) and pr...

Barbara Cluck

Joe Cluck

Weldon Cluck

Rachel Cook

Claire E Corcoran

Jenn Corella

Star Dancer

Alanna Dawson

Dustin Dial

Dustin Diehl

Artemys Dierolf-Evans

Evan Dierolf-Evans

David Doig

Manuel Dominguez

Mira Domsky

Catherine Draper

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Location: TBD No Superstar in history was as patriotic as "HACKSAW" JIM DUGGAN. A true red-blooded American, the tough but lovable big guy al...

Len Duran

Sharon Edwards

Max Ellentuck

Randy Emberlin

Location: Booth 1118 RANDY EMBERLIN is a comic book artist/inker and animator who has spent the past 30 years working in a variety of creative f...

Ashlynn Emery

Mike Esham

Gabriel Espino

Gilbert Espino

Shelley Eutizi

Mark Evenson

Jessica Feinberg

Location: AA113 JESSICA FEINBERG is a quirky creator who is best known for mixing mundane and magic in her paintings of wildlife, trees, dragons...

Pamela Fernando

Fernanda Fierro

Location: AA49 FERNANDA FIERRO is an artist based in Mexico. She received her BFA degree from the University of Sonora and she specializes in ac...

Jesse Fifer

Rudy Flores

Location: AA112 RUDY FLORES is the co-creator of the Army Man Project. The project was a 300 person community project featuring 3D scanned and 3...

Corban Ford

Jay Fotos

Location: Booth 718 JAY FOTOS, a multi award-winning comics veteran who is currently working professionally in comics industry for nearly two de...

Victoria Frias

Monica Friedman

Anthony Fuentes

Jim Fye

Appearing Saturday only! Location: TBD JIM FYE was originally cast in "Ghostbusters 2" as The Statue of Liberty, and ended up playing two oth...

Bryan Fyffe

Location: Booth 1319 BRYAN FYFFE is a professional illustrator specializing in images of atmospheric nature and classic horror themes. He has do...

Jane George

Robert Giese

Gina Gillis

J. Gonzo

Location: AA113, AA128 J. GONZO is a Chicano artist, born and raised in Cypress, CA., who resides in Phoenix, AZ. Art-wise, his formative years ...

Stacy Gowler

Rich Greenwood

Becky Gydesen

Will Gydesen

Travis Hanson

Phoenix guest, corner/hotel.

David Harnick

David Harrigan

Location: AA177, AA192 DAVID “ARTASSASSIN” HARRIGAN has been a freelance illustrator for the past 20 years working on a very wide range or proje...

Patty Hawkins

PATTY HAWKINS is a geek theorist, comedian, film critic, writer, historian and gadfly. A frequent emcee, panelist, moderator & celebrity interviewe...

Erica Hawvermale

Brian Helm

Emy Higdon

Ed Hoornaert

Jesse Hughes

Nicole Hughes

Amber Hunt

Jason Hunt

Dave Hymas

Zachary Jackson

Cassandra Jenkins

KJ Kabza

Krissy Kapp

Ingrid Keller

Marty Ketola

Benjamin Kitts

Samantha Kitts

Location: AA73 Thermocosplay started in summer of 2014. We aim to educate, communicate and share with others our knowledge and love of cosplay. ...

Nathaniel Lamadrid

Kathryn Lance

Francisco Landin

Heather Lavelle

Joseph Lavelle

Cindy Lee

Faith Lee

Location: AA64 FAITH LEE is a member of the Secret Shop Art Collective, based out of Tucson Arizona. Her major field is freelance illustration a...

Zack John Lee

Location: AA224 ZACK JOHN LEE currently lives and works in Tucson, AZ with roots in Pittsburgh, PA. His most recent works have focused on drawin...

Joey Letson

Quinn Lindemood

Shawn Lindemood

Andrew Longoria

Mayela Lopez-Ford

Greg Loumeau

Emma Lysyk

Jen Mabry

Neils Maclallen

Andrew Maclean

Location: Booth 1019 ANDREW MACLEAN is a Boston-area comic book writer and artist. He has worked for Marvel, DC, Oni Press, Image Comics, and Da...

Joshua Malcolm

Jessika Malic

Matt Mantiñan

Jeff Mariotte

Location: AA33, AA48 JEFFREY J. MARIOTTE has written more than 70 novels, including the Stoker Award-nominated teen horror epic "Year of the Wic...

Alex Martinez

David Martinez

Stephanie Martinez

Gus Matos

Lisa Mayfield

Chris McCullough

Location: TBD CHRIS McCULLOUGH is an actor best known as the voice of original animatronic, Foxy the Pirate Fox, in the video game series, "Five...

Dan Mendoza

Location: Booth 1219 With a background in animation and a love for comic books, Dan set out to make his own title back in 2009 that contained al...

Marat Michaels

Location: AA129, AA144 MARAT MYCHAELS has had a long and successful career in both comic books and freelance graphic design. He started out as I...

Josh Montano

Mim Montgomery

Jana Moore

Callista Morlock

Payton Morlock

Austin Morrell

Spencer Morrell

Logan Naugle

Location: AA97 Hi, I’m LOGAN and I like to write and talk! When I’m not wearing bow ties, i’m wearing words on my fingers, to put into a comp...

Mark Nelson

Location: Booth 1018 MARK NELSON specializes in designs for role-playing games and comic books. Since 1985, his work has appeared in many Dungeo...

Russell Nelson

Theresa Nguyen

Cara Nicole

Location: Booth 518 CARA NICOLE aka AZ Powergirl is a stellar cosplay sensation online and on the convention circuit. Cara has brought her uniqu...

Geoffrey Notkin

James O'Barr

Location: Booth 919 JAMES O’BARR is the award-winning creator of "The Crow", and writer of two hit series currently from IDW Publishing, entitle...

David Oros

Stephanie Oros

Gareth Ortiz-Timpson

Don Owen

James Owen

Location: AA81, AA96 JAMES A. OWEN is founder and executive director of the art and design studio Coppervale International. James has written an...

Todd Parent

Wendy Parks

Christina Pflueger

Angel Poston

Brian Pulido

Location: Booth 1808 BRIAN PULIDO is the founder and publisher of Coffin Comics, the outlaw independent comics label that publishes "Lady Death"...

Nicki Rapp

Crystal Spring Reyes

Rebecca Rice

Michelle Richards

Natalie Richards

Sam Richardson

Derek Riggs

Location: Booth 1218 Well let’s see, I was born in the wagon of a traveling show… wait, hang on, that was Cher. I was born in a caravan by th...

Sherard Robbins

Harley Robinson

Marshelia Rockwell

Location: AA33, AA48 MARSHEILA (MARCY) ROCKWELL is the author of twelve books to date. Her work includes "Mafia III: Plain of Jars", co-written ...

Dakota Roth

Sam Sawyer

Location: AA126, AA127 SAM SAWYER is a full-time illustrator who has worked on many different comic books and other published works. Some of Sam...

Eric Schock

Location: AA176 ERIC SCHOCK is a graduate of The Kubert School and the owner of Evil Robo Productions, LLC. Through Evil Robo Productions, Eric ...

Alyssa Schultz

Eric Schumacher

Shelley Seamstrix

E.G. Seitz

Daniel Sennett

Michael Seronde

Janni Lee Simner

Bill Simpson

Amber Smith

Michael D Sobrado

Michael A. Stackpole

Location: AA128 MICHAEL A. STACKPOLE is an award winning writer, editor, podcaster, game designer, computer game designer, graphic novelist and ...

Matthew Stricker

Thor Sypien

Katie Taito

Heather Tanner

Yasu Tano

Jed Thomas

Location: AA58 I’m a professional artist, designer and singer based in Southern California and work worldwide. Throughout my career, I have h...

Jill Thompson

Appearing Saturday and Sunday only! Location: Booth 819 JILL THOMPSON is a 10 time Eisner Award winning comic book creator whose career spans...

Lizzy Jayne Took

Bradford Trojan

Alfred Trujillo

Location: Booth 519 ALFRED TRUJILLO is an up and coming comic book artist and photographer. Alfred has had the privilege to be published by Coff...

Tyler Tryon

Billy Tucci

Location: Booth 1119 BILLY TUCCI is an award-winning cartoonist best known for his modern-day samurai fable, "Shi". Through Billy’s Crusade Fin...

Nick Tunnell

Superheroes Unlimited

Emmanuel Vasquez

Tania Verdago

Appearing 3

Location: AA209 Tucson-based freelance artist, TANIA VERDUGO, is a self-taught watercolor and graphite illustrator. Her illustrations are inspir...

Mark Waid

Appearing Saturday and Sunday only! Location: Booth 818 MARK WAID is a New York Times bestselling author whose many works include "Kingdom Co...

Robert Webb

Catherine Wells

Jon Wick

Eric Wile

Location: AA80 ERIC WILE is a credited video game designer. He has done level design, storyboarding, concept design, game engine design etc. ...

Sarah Grace Willwater

Natalie Wright

JJ Ybarra

Adam Yeater

Location: AA32 ADAM YEATER is a self-publishing comic book artist of the series "One Last Day" and "The Lottery". He is also known for cartoon s...

Jennifer Young

Ron Zabala

Location: AA65 RON ZABALA is based out of Phoenix and is the writer and owner of Mount Olympus Comics, creator and writer of "Patriotika", "Sam...

Monica Zavala