Creating A Game Without Borders

Room 204

Friday October 12, 2018 - 1:20 pm to 1:35 pm

[Speaker: Vicki Lau] Many games usually have a distinct look built into them that is recognizable enough to harken back to their ethnic or cultural origins. For example, Western games tend to have a more polished and refined quality to their games whereas Eastern games tend to draw attention to their neotenic quality or cultural origins by emphasizing certain character features or the overall design. “Creating A Game Without Borders” is just that – creating a game without cultural or geographical borders, both literally and artistically. This talk will dive deep into the art creation process of “CREATE,” a VR game on the Oculus Rift and Gear VR that features a non-cultural bias and a neutral look. Not only was the game intended to appear that way but the team that helped create this game was also from multiple cultures and countries all over the world; from the West (United States and Canada), to the East (Singapore) and even to parts of Europe (Italy) and Africa (Nigeria), this talk will not only inspire and advocate for cross-cultural teams, but also handle serious issues when it comes to handling business contracts and legal matters across borders and in different countries. Ultimately, this talk is not just a discussion about the non-culture specific look of the game CREATE, but also about the importance of cross-cultural teams in the game development endeavor, where and how to find them, and how to work 100% remotely with strangers on the Internet, from 5 different time zones.