G.A.M.E. EXPO 2018 Exhibit Spaces

Exhibitor Name Location
Better Together Creations Exhibitor Table 9 View Website
Brass Engine Productions Exhibitor Table 6,Exhibitor Table 7 View Website
Bryn Maycot Exhibitor Table 16
Cartoons by Andie Exhibitor Booth 15 View Website
Chad Thomas - The Spectral Void Exhibitor Table 17 View Website
Clockwork Kazookie Exhibitor Table 1 View Website
Comic Book Hunters Exhibitor Booth 24,Exhibitor Booth 25
Copper Iris Art Exhibitor Booth 5
Dry Bones Studio Exhibitor Table 8 View Website
Duchy of the Knoblands Exhibitor Table 21 View Website
Dungeoneer Outfitters Exhibitor Booth 11 View Website
Eternal Armory Exhibitor Booth 8,Exhibitor Booth 9 View Website
Felisfire Exhibitor Booth 19 View Website
Fictional Floral Exhibitor Table 3
First Mate Productions LLC Exhibitor Booth 4 View Website
Gary Bedell Exhibitors Booth 13 View Website
Good Boy Games Exhibitor Booth 23
Guffy Creek Crafts Exhibitor Booth 1
Hackwolfin Exhibitor Table 14 View Website
Halfling Hobbies and Trinkets Exhibitor Table 18
HedgeCrafts Exhibitor Booth 17 View Website
Heroes Alliance Exhibitor Booth 21
Hey This Guy Does Art Exhibitor Booth 6 View Website
Larp United. Exhibitor Table 23,Exhibitor Table 22 View Website
Marty Salsman Exhibitor Table 12 View Website
Naevi’s Oddities Exhibitor Booth 14 View Website
Owl&Dragonfly Exhibitor Booth 12
Paper Draygon Exhibitor Booth 10 View Website
Polaritees Exhibitor Booth 2 View Website
Qiwi Trails LLC Exhibitor Booth 3 View Website
Random Encounters LLC / Self-Made Nerds Exhibitor Booth 22 View Website
Rhapsodia Cosplay Exhibitor Booth 20 View Website
Seuss and Sophia's Sophisticated Sensations Exhibitor Table 24 View Website
Stellar Babe / Flame Witch Meri Exhibitor Table 10,Exhibitor Table 11 View Website
Stone Pi Media Exhibitor Table 2 View Website
The Mixed Six Exhibitor Booth 7 View Website
Wanderlust Exhibitor Booth 18 View Website
Wayward Daughters Cosplay Exhibitor Table 13 View Website
Whose Stuff is it Anyway Exhibitor Booth 26
Yours Truly, Euphoria Exhibitor Booth 16 View Website