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Adventure League: Chelimbers’ Descent

Organized RPG (Adventurers League) :: Adventurers League (D&D 5E Organized Play)

Rated G :: Deep in the Marsh of Chelimber lie the ruins of a great wizard’s tower. SEER has received intelligence, which she imparts via her emissary Hsing, that deep beneath the marsh in the remains of an old tower is knowledge of older magics. This could be just what Parnast needs to resist the onslaught of Bad Fruul and his armies! A Two-Hour Adventure for 1st-4th Level Characters

Game Experience Level
This is a tier 1 adventure so bring and tier 1 characters. If you’re new to Adventure League help will be available to help build a AL legal character.

Game Society
Adventurers League

Game Master
Megan Kenney

Locations and Times

Friday October 5 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm Gaming Tables :: Table D10

Registration Information

Free Pre-Registration
Walk-up reg: Matthew Kenny

Available Registration Slots: 3

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