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Beneath the City of the Dead

Role Playing Game :: Dungeons and Dragons

Rated PG :: The treasure hunt has led to the City of the Dead. Beneath that well-manicured park is an ancient crypt where the treasure awaits you! Part Two of the Umbral Aristocracy Trilogy. This a tier 1 adventure for Adventurer's League, which uses 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. If you don't have a character yet, then depending on time constraints, you can get help making your own new character or will be provided a pregenerated character. Dice and pencils will be available for anyone who doesn't have them.

Game Experience Level

Game Society
Adventurers League

Game Master
Immanuel McLaughlin

Locations and Times

Saturday October 6 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Gaming Tables :: Table D12

Registration Information

No Registration Required (walk up)
Free Pre-Registration
Gaming HQ pre-reg: Joe Mohr

Available Registration Slots: 3

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Current Registrations

  • Kody1259
  • Tryphazzard
  • afrokid193

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