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About the role of Volunteer

Complete the Volunteer Application in order to be considered for KublaCon 2019 and once approved you will be sent a link for a free full show badge.

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Release

Terms and Conditions for GM’s and Volunteers

As a volunteer or game master we expect you to live up to your committed times and events. This means arriving prepared and on time to your event or task, and to complete your task or game. If your committed hours has earned you free admission to KublaCon, then failure to complete your minimum hours will require you to pay for your KublaCon admission at the ‘weekend’ rate currently in place. Failure to notify us, and to purchase your pass, may be grounds for expulsion from the show, with possible permanent banning from KublaCon either as a GM or as a paid registrant. As a GM, you may have ONE online game master account that you use to submit your games to run. The account you make MUST be in your actual name, and we reserve the right to confirm that your GM account matches your name by requesting appropriate ID at KublaCon check-in. Intentional and willful attempts to subvert your game master responsibilities by creating multiple or falsified GM accounts will result in your being permanently banned form KublaCon.