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ReaperCon 2019 Artist List

Shoshie Bauer

Elizabeth Beckley

Rhonda Bender

Rhonda Bender painted her first miniature at a paint and take in 2002. She immediately bought a Reaper Learn to Paint Kit, and never looked back. T...

David Cecil

Brice Cocanour

Doug Cohen

Dave Coulson

Lauren Cowles

Josh Davis

Hi! I'm Josh Davis, owner of Mini Painting Studio! I've been involved in the miniature painting hobby for around 20 years and I have been paintin...

David Diamondstone

David Diamondstone is a passionate miniature hobbyist who has been painting for over two decades. He originally got into the hobby to paint gaming ...

Michelle Farnsworth

Michelle Farnsworth (formerly Blastenbrei) is a long-time artist and instructor from Kansas City. Her work is a blend of storytelling and technique...

Anne Foerster

Steve Garcia

Rex Grange

Jennifer Greenwald

Julie Guthrie

Erin Hartwell

Erin Hartwell, aka Dr Hobbit aka Corporea uses her superpowers of timey-wimey sneakiness to balance gynecology, art, writing and gaming and still m...

David Higgins

Bobby Jackson

Ben Kantor

Yeji Kim

Yeji Kim is a miniature painter with a specialty in the realm of Chibis and focuses on using bright, bold colors. She has been painting off and on ...

Michael Klieman

Michael has been painting miniatures for 14 years. It’s easy for him to count because he started when his wife was pregnant with their first daught...

Andrew Lechner

Aaron Lovejoy

Ian Markon

Ian Markon (a.k.a. Kuro Cleanbrush on the Reaper Forums and other online venues) has been a miniature painter since the early/mid 2000’s when he an...

Kris Marquardt

Tom Mason

Jennifer Mellor

Drew Olds

Glen Phillips

Andrew Pieper

Brien Piersol

Michael Proctor

Michael Proctor & Clever Crow Studios Michael is an award-winning painter from Evergreen, Colorado. He’s one of Reaper’s staff painters and has al...

Bob Ridolfi

Anthony Rodriguez

Derek Schubert

Michal Schultz

Michal Schultz (a.k.a. "Mocha") discovered the fantastic world of miniature painting through Dungeons & Dragons. Despite being a terrible tabletop ...

Chris Spotts

Lyn Stahl

Douglas Sundseth

Gene Van Horne

Christine Van Patten

Ron Vutpakdi

Ron is no amazing artist, but he hangs out with the best of them (they're too polite to shoo him off) and taught sold out beginner classes for seve...

James Wappel

Jason Wiebe

Tish Wolter

Tish Wolter, aka Duliniel on the Reaper forums, is an award winning painter from Houston, TX. She began painting in the 2000s when her husband intr...

Greg Zuniga

Physical therapist by day, super villain by night, miniature painter whenever he gets the chance. Greg hails from New Jersey but requests this n...

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