Volunteer Application :: Basic Information

All fields are required.

About the role of Volunteer


  • Be Clean and well-groomed
  • Be Polite, friendly, and approachable
  • Exhibit professional, but personable, behavior
  • Represent and promote the greater hobby, including Reaper Miniatures and all show sponsors and vendors, positively and with enthusiasm
  • Be Knowledgeable, understanding the rules of the show, and the responsibilities of your assigned position(s)
  • Comply with all behavioral policies
  • Properly complete the Volunteer Application form
  • Show up on time for your work shift, 15 mins before your shift starts ready to begin.
  • All Volunteers must be over 18 years of age.


Reaper provides compensation based on the amount of time worked.

For each Four-hour shift of work you complete, we will give you a $40 voucher, valid only at the Reaper booth at ReaperCon or at the Reaper Game Store at Reaper HQ. This voucher is to be awarded pending the completion of your 4-hour work shift. For shifts that close the show, we can substitute an online gift certificate usable at Reapermini.com. 
You will also receive a Volunteer shirt for being a Volunteer at ReaperCon 2021.